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The lady who helped me was very nice. She explained everything to me. She wasn't pushy she recommend a new filer and explained She wasn't pushy she recommend a new filer and explained to me why i should replace it. When i arived i spilled my drink when getting out of the car. She insured me it was not a problem. Thank you for your service. Karime L. Nana K. Very quick efficient and knowledgeable staff. Great pricing, ability to use coupons. These lights didn't h These lights didn't have anything to do with headlights, brake lights or blinkers, so didn't know why it was required to pass inspection.

Don P. People were friendly,Price seemed fair. Doug D. The mechanic was friendly, knowledgeavle, efficient. And entertaining. Justin at the Roxie Street location in Kannapolis. Scott B. Great staff, with excellent knowledge about our vehicle. Everyone was very friendly and communicated very well with us. We will We will keep coming back to this store. Employees were pleasurable to talk with. Matt M. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Recommended services probably saved me from costly repairs in the future. My truck will come My truck will come here for TLC from now on! I have 3 vehicles I have brought in. I get there right at 8 and the tech guys are done in about 20 mins. Then it took over 30 minutes for just the inspection. In my experience with state inspections this was an excessive wait time. Brenda F. I realized after I returned home that my washer fluid was not refilled, and I was not told that it was empty. I did not want to get out of my care and he said I had too. It was a very good experience.

I was told it was time to have my tires rotated and I just had them rotated not long ago. There was no wait.

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The staff was polite and professional. Larry M. Very fast service and everyone was very friendly. I will be back for my next oil change or anything else comes up. Excellent service as is usual at this location. I did not discuss the matter with the Technician, because I did I did not discuss the matter with the Technician, because I did not want to draw attention, the facility was busy. My last three or four visits have included higher prices each time. They do great work.

I did not have one with me anyway. I probably will not re-visit Valvoline again. My tech took care of my car. He understood me and my visit was fast friendly and reasonably priced.

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The staff was very knowledgeable of what they were doing and, they were very friendly. Jeff R. Excellent customer services and kindly staff. Jim g. This was the second time there, nice and easy. It only took less than ten minutes and then back to work. Was not given a new oil filter because apparently it was located in an inconvenient place or something.

Service was quick. People were friendly. The female working was especially nice. Dameian H. Team is superior and customer service is stellar!!! Rita J. I always go there because I can' get great service. Great customer service friendly staff knowledge was great about service all around great experience. They are very friendly, the wait is never long and I feel the service is Top Not They are very friendly, the wait is never long and I feel the service is Top Notch! Sharon L. My attendant was awesome.

Very friendly and helpful! I will definitely go back. His name was Hayden. Joanna M. Friendly attendants. Fast service.

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Employees were great! Very friendly! Nice clean area! Because there is always room to grow. Joe B. Chelle H. Very professional service as well as knowledgeable. Service was fast and Service Representative informative and friendly. Bernie C. No wait time friendly knowledgable techs. Terri k. I always go there for my oil changes and they recongize me. Very friendly. I felt the price was too high, but I was in need.

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The place I usually go to had a long wait, so I overpaid to avoid a line. The service was good I used a coupon for Great service. Friendly staff. The kid was courteous, pleasant and respectful unlike a lot of them now a days. The staff explained what they were doing. I liked the video feed where I could watch the service being performed.

They confirmed They confirmed several times that I was getting a full synthetic oil change. They did not try to sell me a lot of unnecessary add ons. Cindy T. Always friendly service. Fast and reliable. My attendant spoke clearly and treated me politely. Tech with efficient and tho Tech with efficient and thorough. Everyone was pleasant. Intercommunication between the staff was very professional.

The girl who did the oil change was friendly and very competent. Roslyn c. They are very polite professional. Leo M. The people are professional and happy. Knowledgeable, fast, courteous service! Kel K. They were fast and were very friendly.

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They all seemed to get along well and They all seemed to get along well and worked as a team. I have been going to this location for a few years and I will continue to. Chad Y. There was an issue with my car that needed to be addressed before it could pass NC inspection. The employee noted the issue and r The employee noted the issue and resolved to fix it. I have used other oil change services companies in the past. All my visits to Valvoline have been a good experience. Employees are very courteous and knowledgeable. Service is done in a very timely manner.

Yes, I pay more for your services but I don't mind paying for an excellent product and good service. Qjunna Butler. I was in and out and the cashier helped me with finding coupons on my visit. The staff was really nice. They seemed super short staffed though, so the guys were trying their best to get everyone in and out They seemed super short staffed though, so the guys were trying their best to get everyone in and out without issue.

And they did a great job. Not sure of the quality because I want for change of oil what kind of oil do they use. Gary B. Service, Friendliness, Price. Very good service and I had a coupon for 7. Bryan T. Quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Sir Pop. Very fast and efficient. The customer service was amazing, and I was out of there in less than 15 minutes.

I was super impressed at the speed and frie I was super impressed at the speed and friendliness. Fast, professional, courteous service. I have used this store for years now. They take great care of me. Did not discuss pricing with me. Only one bay open. Francesca S. No friendly smile, it felt like a funeral No friendly smile, it felt like a funeral!

I will find another place to do my oil change. Fast, competent service. NC F When we pulled up we were instantly greeted and asked how they could help us. They instantly took my car in and started the ser They instantly took my car in and started the services. They were extremely nice to us and we were in and out quickly! Wonderful fast service and was catered to.

Wes G. They were very friendly and easy to talk to. Very friendly and helpful staff! Quick and efficient service! Fred H. Staff was courteous and professional, recommended manual transmission flush and fluid change in addition to oil change and inspe Staff was courteous and professional, recommended manual transmission flush and fluid change in addition to oil change and inspection. All three were completed in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.

Tommy J. I think they are higher than most places that do oil changes and it doesn't even include tire rotation. Not Happy. I am not happy because this is something they should have talked to me about before they done the work on my car. This was my first time here and I feel that someone should have asked me was it my first time and went over prices with me before they done the work on my car so that we would no doubt have the same understanding.

Staff was always fast friendly and let me see any and all problems they though i may have. I started to bring my fleet vehicle in first ,so I thought they were so nice, they would take care of my personal car. I moved I moved here from GA and I do not trust a lot of people working on my cars being a woman.

They made me feel good. Price was ridiculously high, I could got full synthetic anywhere else for this price. I've used this location for the last 2 years on my work and personal vehicles and I feel like an idiot because I've been overcharged the whole time. Not coming back. Octavia A. From the time I pulled up they treated me like royalty, they're a great group of guys. Erin S. Everyone is very friendly, always take my car here. Eric L. No waiting in line,in an out in less then fifteen mins Vickie G. On my emailed receipt it stated recommended maintenance items.

None of these were brought to my attention during the actual visi None of these were brought to my attention during the actual visit, so I was surprised. Had I know then, I would have been able to ask questions regarding services. The staff were very curious and nice, however they were not able to reset my oil maintenance light indicator and said I should j The staff were very curious and nice, however they were not able to reset my oil maintenance light indicator and said I should just go to the dealership What did I come there for?

Never had that issue anywhere else. Now I need to drive to the dealership. Completely wasted my time. Jeff M. I was very satisfied, but we all can improve. I thought it was a little pricey and the wait was a little longer than I expected. Because of their good work, honestly, and kindness that they display. I appreciate All your kindness!! God Bless you All!! The technicians are friendly, professional and answered all of my questions without hesitation.

JOHN T. We only got the windshield wipers and it was great!! Took four people to put them on but it was wonderful!!! So cute all worki So cute all working to get them on I could not put any on and when they had trouble made me feel so much better Recently started taking my vehicles and technician remembered me. She was courteous and answered all my questions. Flex Woody. Richard was nervous to tell me my air filter was an old one and I asked for the filter to please be replace with a new one in my new motor.

I called the husband and he asked that they keep the oil filter as well. Without hesitation the team gladly put it in a trash bag for me. I drive and my car is the most important thing to me on my job. I am greatful to this team and will be back on all my future changes. Which average every six weeks. Over Priced. I believe the price was way too much for what an oil change should cost. Unreasonably priced.

The level of maintenance checks. Larry S. I don't live in this area any more and I'm here because of the weather repairs to my home on the coast. When I did live h When I did live here I used this facility. I was satisfied then and that is why I used it this time. Sue Q.

The staff was very prompt, friendly, explained my need for a filter and completed my job in a timely manner. Good service, good people. They were very pleasant and nice as well as honest about the oil I needed and they checked my tire pressure and whatever else ne Jessica W.

The pricing. I wasn't expecting to pay that much. Everything else was awesome! Emily p. Very high price for an oil change. Customer service was great. I love that I can stay in the car while my services are being done. Dee B. Freddy the technician is a great guy friendly and provided fast service,. Howie G. Staff was friendly and I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Joanne A. It was very fast service in and out. Looks like they checked all the fluid levels and tire pressure. I thought it was a little I thought it was a little pricey but happy for the quick service.

Dan B. Great service and professionalism as usual!! The empolyees were very curious and made me feel comfortable. Viv W. Everyone was pleasant and cheery. They worked together as a team and you could tell they enjoyed their jobs. Our mechanic did an Our mechanic did an excellent job presenting us with what he saw might be a problem and delivered excellent and quick service. He inspected our car very thoroughly and suggested we buy a new filter. Dave M. It was quick and they were thorough.

I take 3 vehicles there, mine, spouse, and niece. Never been disappointed in the service. Billy Ray. Last couple visits were not good. Specifically; my receipt itemized that all fluids were checked as ok, but they weren't, stoppe Specifically; my receipt itemized that all fluids were checked as ok, but they weren't, stopped for gas fill up later that evening I usually check all my fluids when I fill up and everything was a little low. I wasn't coming back. The The techs did everything they were supposed to Great experience and great price!

Quick service, no pressure to buy suggested wipers, love the coupons! In and out quickly, but a bit pricey. Joe t. The person who served my car was fast and very respectful An very good experience. The staff were understanding and kind. The internet broke down while I was there and they made sure I was comfortable until it w The internet broke down while I was there and they made sure I was comfortable until it was fixed.

I was told that both of my license plate lights were out. I don't know why they would check them. Jeff K. Used this store a number of times and they always are excellent in the service I get. I had visited the store in Burlington, NC t I had visited the store in Burlington, NC the day before and I waited over 5 minutes and no one came out to talk to me, so I left. D Sun. Prompt courteous service. Surely, it should be much cheaper. You can fin d printable Walmart oil change coupons :. Just reveal your creative skills. It is the easiest way to obtain coupon at Walmart. Actually, you may ask them to tell you about other existing offers and specials.

After learning the information carefully, you will be surprised how much money you will save for automobile and oil. One of many ways to save big money at Walmart supercenter is to schedule routine service like an oil change for multiple means of transport. Find out how much money you can save by appointing several cars in a row at once.

Are you one of these extinction types who can Do-it-Yourself? There is always discounts coupon available on professional oil change kit from Walmart. All in all, if you find Auto Zone coupons for oil change kit or something else — just take it to the Walmart service and get all the advantages from oil. Here you can get both a professional service and reasonable price list. If you do not know where to get a good car service you should try this one.

Experienced drivers are aware that there is a special discount system if you are attentive enough you can find bonus codes, print them and use in the nearest shop. Here your car will be checked by a professional team with up to date appliances. You can find more information on the website and see all the advantages with your own eyes. Many service stations want to trick their customers by offering additional service or cheating with diagnostics. You can be sure that here transparency is guaranteed, you will never receive a bill with unnecessary options or baseless warnings for removing some components.

As for me, trust is the main options for choosing a permanent service company. There are no better prices, believe me. Prices of other services are usually higher or prices are not up to the service they offer. Just try to compare prices and make sure that prices of this company are justified unlike prices of competitors. Prices are reasonable. Prices often do not guarantee a good service.

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Walmart oil change coupons include simultaneously affordable prices and cool quality. I will go back soon!

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Tonight company has provided me recycle motor oil and spark plugs for available price for my lexus. Company has checked out tire pressure and radiator replacement it was done for quick timing and good price. I got coupon on the discount and purchased water hose, tube light and some parts to my jeep. Good balance between quality and affordable prices. Im driver and state of my truck very important for me, like fuel for car, and they helped me during christmas days with wiper and antifreeze for appointment in winter time.

Recently i have called to walmart, and we talked about aero drive and dexos oil change for my black honda. And i got that, together with coupons for less price, it was good exchange of experience. They replaced on the new transmission flush, air filter and mobil oil change for my blue fort. Good work! I took Walmart tle number and address to Walmart company, after 1 hour conversation with consultant, i accepted their service for my car needs. On Friday mechanic did great work with headlight restoration, for the affordable price in the garage on the ground floor. Closing door they wished to good luck to me!

They installed tires and coolant pump in my Audi.